All In for Youth is impacting the lives of Calgary youth.

Each program and project is monitored closely to ensure it is working for students, volunteers and our partners, supporting youth to achieve their educational goals.

Since All In for Youth started in 2012 (as of June 30, 2016)


1,103 youth have been helped by volunteer math tutors at 5 YMCA locations across Calgary

367 students have been connected with a mentor or career connector

95% of mentees reported they had people in their lives they could trust and rely on


2,576 students have been helped through barrier removal and one-on-one support from success coaches

167 students have been assisted with issues arising from homelessness


40 students received specialized support through Detour

89% of youth supported through the Detour Project felt more confident about what to do to succeed in school

200 youth contacted through Call Backs were interested in or had already returned to school


1,753 students have participated in Career Talks and Tours with local professionals across Calgary

86% of youth who worked with a Success Coach said they had an opportunity to plan for future education and set career goals

98% of students who attended a Career Talk agreed they had gained new information to help with career exploration

Meet some of our students
Overcoming adversity

Growing up, Madeline often went without food, heat, and electricity. Living in over 16 family placements in eight years and struggling with mental health concerns meant Madeline couldn’t consistently attend school. As a result, Madeline was held back in her grade 12 year.

Madeline never let the challenges she faced interfere with what she calls her “passionate pursuit of knowledge.”

At Bowness High School, Madeline was introduced to her Success Coach, Vanessa. They connected regularly to access supports that could help her complete her grade 12 year, graduate, and continue on to post-secondary education.

Vanessa helped with everything. She drove Madeline to and from medical appointments to ensure her mental health concerns were being addressed, helped her enrol in diploma preparation courses, and helped Madeline apply for scholarships.

For Madeline, being connected to resources and supports was the most important part of her work with Vanessa. Having grown up often feeling like she “wasn’t enough or worth anything,” Madeline needed a positive adult to nurture and encourage her to reach her full potential. Vanessa has become that positive adult.

Now 19, Madeline is eager to continue her education at the University of Lethbridge where she has earned four well-deserved scholarships. Madeline is working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and hopes to one day obtain her PhD, open her own practice, and help others.

Mentorship changed the game

Brayden approached All In for Youth’s mPower mentoring program to find a mentor who could help him get more involved in an active lifestyle and improve his confidence. He was soon matched with Chris, a young, active professional who wanted to work with a mentee interested in sports.

As soon as Chris was introduced to Brayden he recognized the shy, young man’s burning desire for personal growth and lifestyle changes. To support Brayden’s goals, Chris scheduled activities that would get Brayden trying fun, new things like playing golf, going to the movies and grabbing frozen yogurt.

Brayden’s dream is to become a pro level football player or mechanic after high school, and Chris encouraged Brayden to rejoin the football team, while applying what he’d learned through weight training and dedicating time and energy to being a positive teammate.

Chris came to some of Brayden’s games to cheer him on, while further challenging him through weight training. With Chris’ support, Brayden worked so hard in his rookie year of football that he was awarded Lineman of the Year, something he says is the only thing he’s ever felt proud of accomplishing.

Brayden was excelling in sports in a way he never thought was possible, and Chris knew that if he tutored Brayden and helped him apply his newfound focus and motivation to learning, he could excel at school too. Brayden is now receiving his highest-ever grades.

Looking to the future, both Brayden and Chris hope they have a long mentorship and friendship. They are both excited for Brayden to find his path and build his future. They know that together, anything is possible.

Creating her own path

Bold and blunt, 18-year old Michaella is spirited in a way that belies her tumultuous upbringing. Her childhood was cut short by physical and sexual abuse; to deal with depression and anger issues, Michaella turned to marijuana and self-harm.

At 16, Michaella was on her own, working desperately to avoid homelessness. Unable to afford food, her ongoing hunger left her unable to focus at school and she eventually dropped out.

Things changed when she moved to Calgary and re-enrolled in school. “I thought about my cousin, who dropped out and how stuck he is and it made me very motivated to come back for myself,” says Michaella. “More than anything, I don’t want to be stuck and dependent on other people for the rest of my life.”

At Jack James High School, Michaella was connected with a Success Coach and linked with resources and a supportive relationship to help her handle the ongoing implications of mental health challenges. Her Success Coach, Tasha, learned about Michaella’s interests and helped her access new experiences, including attending a camp where she learned new skills and made good friends.

Tasha then connected Michaella with the opportunity of a lifetime: a 15-week Introduction to Cook Apprenticeship offered in partnership with SAIT’s Culinary Campus, giving at-risk high school students the opportunity to learn hands-on techniques under the guidance of Calgary’s leading chefs.

The path now appears clear: three years to achieve her Red Seal, a giant step closer to her eventual goal of someday owning her own restaurant. “I don’t want much… a place to stay, food on the table and I’m happy,” says Michaella. “But I do think it would be cool to be able to employ people and give them opportunities. I would like to be able to give back and be a person others can rely on for help.”

Creating the Right Environment

Opportunity is at the heart of All In for Youth. It allows today’s workforce to help the next generation develop the skills they need to succeed. As a founding funder, the project has given Imperial the opportunity to engage our employees in mentorship while facilitating the knowledge that is essential to our industry’s future.

Tom Huffaker
President, Imperial Oil Foundation

As a result of the All In for Youth Call Back strategy we have already had success in our school this year. To see a student walk through the doors and say, “I thought it was too late to go back to school,” and to be able to welcome her and get her set up was truly exciting. I am very much looking forward to utilizing the services All In for Youth offers to increase our ability to meet our students’ needs.

Jackie Chapman-Brown
Principal, Crescent Heights High School

There is so much opportunity and talent in Calgary. Sharing information, through Career Talks, about the opportunities available as well as what we do at Alberta Health Services is important for our future growth. I am thankful to have shared my story with students in Calgary because it is our responsibility as professionals to act as role models and mentors to youth.

Melanie Brophy, RN BScN
Unit Manager, Internal Medicine/Pulmonary, Medical Inpatient Unit 93/94, Rockyview General Hospital